Dr. Bodenheimer is a skilled clinician with many years in family practice. He is adept in working with patients of all ages on chronic and acute health care issues.

Philosophy of Care:

Dr. Bodenheimer lives and works in the town in which he established his practice and believes in providing the best healthcare possible.  Unlike most practices and clinics, we firmly believe that prescribing drugs is not always the answer. We take the time to properly diagnose our patients and determine whether or not the patient has an infectious illness, allergies, etc. We are not afraid to suggest alternative therapies, and when the situation truly calls for prescription drugs we prescribe with precision.

In Office:

Dr. Bodenheimer performs many in-office procedures, such as in-grown toe nail extraction, minor skin procedures and laceration repair on a case by case basis.

Health maintenance and weight loss program using Take Shape For Life.

Hospital Facilities:

We do not currently do in-hospital care. Patients that are found to be critically ill during an office visit will be sent to Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown and evaluated by physicians in the hospital.  Dr. Bodenheimer does have contact with hospitalists at Meritus Medical Center.

Ancillary Services:

  • X-Ray: Diagnostic Imaging or Progressive Imaging (off-site)
  • MRI: Diagnostic Imaging or Progressive Imaging (off-site)
  • CT Scan: Diagnostic Imaging or Hagerstown Imaging (off-site)
  • Laboratory: Onsite
  • Physical Therapy: BodySense, Shannon Murphy, MPT (on-site)
  • Non-emergent EKG conducted (on-site)
  • Spirometry (on-site)

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